A Brief Guide to Managing Expenditure For the Small Business Owner

Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned business owner ‘small business’ by its very nature means that everything is reduced in size; this usually includes the budget. Having less money to play with does not mean skimping on necessary expenses, but it does mean a lot of very carefully considered cost control. It is important to remember to be realistic, running a business costs money, there will be overheads, but with a sensible budget you can keep the largest numbers in the profit column where they belong. There are some inevitable costs of course that can’t be avoided, but there are ways to reduce them.Electronic CommunicationIn this day and age no one can run a business without at the very least a telephone, although let’s face it most business also have to run computer systems and pay for mobiles as well; yes the planet has shrunk and we are all very grateful for the ease that all of this communication technology brings to the business world, but it does cost. Knowing that these costs are unavoidable is actually an advantage, if you accept that you’ll need, phone lines, internet and mobiles for instance, research the various package offers that communication companies offer to business customers, getting everything in one place could save a hefty sum. Don’t be afraid to haggle either, many companies are prepared to work for your business and do have savings that they can break out if you are prepared to commit to them for a period of time.Business Premises Of course you will always need somewhere to operate from and rent can be one of the largest bills any small business will have to pay. This is another time when you will need to be brave enough to haggle a little; remember that there are fewer businesses around these days and therefore premises owners are keen to have committed tenants in their buildings, you may just find that they may want your customer enough to re-negotiate your rent. Of course if your operation is small enough it may be an option for you to either work from home or a converted domestic building like a garage or garden shed.MarketingCutting costs here is more often than not something of a false economy; it is essential to market your business in order to keep moving forward. Advertising budgets are vital, but there is absolutely no reason to be careless with them. Constantly review where your customers are coming from, if certain advertising is not working as well as other types, make changes, increase what works and drop what does not.. By always knowing how your marketing is working for you, you are unlikely to have much wastage in this area.UtilitiesNow that the various companies out there can offer more than one type of utility it is possible to get package deals from some suppliers who can offer all of your power needs under one roof. Also look to bargain with each company for the best price, in such a competitive market they may be prepared to under cut their competitors in order to win your business.So although one cannot ever hope to run a business for free, there are plenty of ways in which the creative business owner can run a successful budget that allows profit to continue to increase, while keeping everyday costs as low as humanly possible.