Creativity is Not Enough – 3 Ways to Make a Difference

Do you enjoy the sudden rush from having a new idea? Do your toes curl with excitement when you see new possibilities? Does your heart pound at the emergence of a new insight?So what? What do you do with the energy? It has to go someplace or it will quickly dissipate. Don’t get left holding an empty bag.Children bounce from idea to idea with boundless energy. we admire their creativity and playfulness and try to recapture that enthusiasm when we are being creative at work and in our businesses. But children don’t pay rent or have mortgages or deal with insurance or irate bosses or traffic. They don’t have the same energy sinkholes that drain our emotions. They don’t have to deliver to a deadline or meet a bottom line.We need ways of harnessing the powerful force of our imagination and turning it into productive useful products and businesses. We have to find ways to recharge our batteries after the daily grindHere are 3 ways to help you harness that creativity that’s inside all of us:1. A Master Journal: You need your purpose and vision statement in writing, and an active part of your life every day. Making commitments in writing are the most powerful force in getting you from idea to action. That’s true for weight loss, career goals, and life missions. Do it and watch the difference it makes.2. A Master To-Do List; Get those actions on to paper as quickly as you think of them with a priority and a time for completion. See how they stack up with all the other good ideas, and then make sure you are choosing to do things that move you the furthest towards your goal today.3. Do 1 good thing everyday: not for yourself but for the world. Give back to the world for the opportunity it has given you to live and breathe, without thought of yourself. Give graciously and without thought of reward. You can do well by doing good. You will be rewarded in so many ways. Your enthusiasm will double, the good ideas will pop into your head, and its all because you have opened yourself up to receive by your selfless act of giving.Do these 3 things and the path to connect your creativity to positive outcome will be revealed. You and the world will be the better for it.