Online Business and Web Design – Planning Goals and Online Features

You know you want an online business, but do you know how to plan to build it? A good web design company will ease the website planning for you, and explain in understandable terms how to start. You need to be sure your webpage content and designs fully support your business goals. As first steps in building your business, plan on asking a good web designer to help define your online business goals, to identify essential web design features, and to suggest example page layouts that can attract attention to your business.Determine Your Online Business GoalsA first step to plan your online business is defining your business goals. Do you want to conduct business only online, or do you want an online presence to supplement store or catalog business? Do you want a website for promotional marketing, or one permitting online shopping, or both? Also, what level of effort do you want to or can you make to promote and grow your online business? Many website owners have realized this: a good web design company can enable your site to automatically gather contact and needs information from potential customers. They also can save you time by helping to automate your advertising.Ask What are Essential Web Design Features to Launch Your BusinessAsk a good web designer about these four and other essential website features to launch your business:
A Compelling Presentation of Your Business Message: Since customers today are short on time and patience, and tend to be compulsive, your website homepage gets one brief chance to catch their attention. For example, a home décor store needs to present their unique, tasteful, and affordable merchandise with readable, compelling text in an attractive page layout. Include an appealing message about your business.

Attractive Web Graphics: As part of attractive page layouts, you need to artistically incorporate eye-catching web graphics (like attractive images and/or photos). This interests new website visitors in seconds.

A Compelling Merchandising Vehicle: You need an online vehicle that can move visitors to request your product or service, or to buy directly from you online. The vehicle can be well-designed page layouts for displaying your products and services, or an online catalog, or shopping cart pages.

Updateable Areas for Fresh Content: Once your homepage and merchandise have caught visitor interest, wouldn’t you like them to return for more? Have updateable page areas for valuable, new offers.

Request Example Page Layouts for Your BusinessAfter discussing good web design features with a web designer, ask for visually appealing, example page layouts that can attract attention and increase your potential to meet your business goals. You want layouts that combine clear organization, quality web graphics, user-friendly navigation, and well-written text.Each of the above planning steps will help determine whether your online business starts with a good web design, and in a good position to attract the attention of your target markets.© Copyright 2008. Afford Ecommerce. All Rights Reserved Worldwide in all Media. Reprint Rights: You may reprint this article in an ezine, website, magazine, newspaper, or other media provided you also include the author name, company name, and copyright, include all of the links in my article and keep all links active, and do not add any text to or edit the article in any way. You also must follow EzineArticles Terms of Service for Publishers.

5 Keys to Long-Term Physical Fitness

Many of use go to the gym to get in shape, do workouts at home, and/or eat healthy foods in attempt to improve our overall health and fitness. Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, increase strength, improve your heart health, or something else, making it a long-term change is a priority.Most of use that start diets or exercise programs wind up getting bored or losing motivation, and before long, the old unhealthy habits are back. If you truly want to improve your physical fitness levels, changes in diet and exercise need to be long-term and on-going.This article will look at five keys to achieving physical fitness for the long-term. Focus on these keys and you will be on the right track for long-term success, rather than a short-term improvement that fades away quickly.1. CommitmentEating right and exercising on a regular basis requires commitment. Starting an exercise program is easy because most of us are not happy in our current physical conditions. Our desire to transform our bodies and get in better shape gives us the motivation we need to start working out. However, over time the desire can fade, and that is where the commitment becomes necessary. If you are 100% committed to improving your level of physical fitness, you will be motivated enough to make the sacrifices that are required along the way.2. Healthy DietBeing in good physical fitness for the long-term requires that you pay attention to what you put into your body on a daily basis. While you do not necessarily need to be on a strict diet, you do need to develop good eating habits that provide your body with proper nutrition and avoid significant amounts of things that can can your condition to deteriorate over time.3. ExerciseA healthy diet and exercise combine to form a healthy body. If you’re making the effort to watch what you put into your body, you need to also be willing to dedicate some time at least 3 days a week for regular exercise.4. HabitsSticking to a healthy dieting and to an exercise program can be very difficult, however, the hardest part becomes much easier once the habits have been formed. By being consistent and sticking with it even when you don’t feel that motivated, you will be programming you body and developing healthy habits that will last for the long-term.5. ActionA lot of people want to be healthier. Maybe they want to lose weight, or maybe they want to be able to exercise for longer periods of time. But many of these people are hesitant to take action and do what is necessary to improve their fitness levels. The most important thing you can do is take action. Get started to day and keep moving forward. Those people who take action when it comes to their health and fitness will always be in better shape for the long-term.